List of recipes

The website contains numerous recipes free from many allergens.

They are easy recipes with every day ingredients.

All recipes are Dairy free, Soya free, egg free and gluten free and many are nut free and peanut free.

Most are nut free and peanut free or can easily be made free from these by either excluding ingredients or using alternatives.

Apple bread with milled flaxseed

Apple bread

Apple layered cake

Apple muffins
Apple Squares

Banana bread

Banana and apple scones

Banana and milled flaxseed muffins

Basic Savoury muffins

Best vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake

Alternative Birthday cake

Blueberry muffins


Caramel slices

Carrot and Courgette muffins

Cashew squares

Chocolate biscuit cake
Chocolate buns
Chocolate chunk cookies

Chocolate ganache – vegan

Chocolate Square

Coconut cupcakes

Condensed milk – vegan

Cookie bites
Flapjacks – oat free

Flourless chocolate brownies
French toast
Fruity breakfast fingers
Fudge – vegan
Healthy Vegetable muffins

Healthy sweet muffins

Ice cream

Jammy dodgers

Lemon Drizzle cake


Millet Bites


Nutty banana bread

Oat free flapjacks

Peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter porridge fingers

Pancakes – vegan

Raspberry muffins

Rainbow vegan cake

Simple Buns/Fairy cakes

Simple moist muffins

Shortbread biscuits

Spinach muffins

Sweet potato Chocolate Loaf
Sugar free brownies

Vegan gluten free brownies

Vegan cheesecake

Vegan chocolate avocado cake
Vegan condensed milk
Vegan Chocolate Square
Vegetables and avocado muffin
Vegan plain scones
Victoria sponge
Vanilla Fudge

***For Egg Replacement ideas ***

Egg free replacement ideas

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